Newsletter for July 2021

After the 6.0 release, development has restarted. Here are some changes that have already landed:

Changes for the User

We always try and automatically reconcile the oldest account move lines first.

The desktop client sets the mnemonic keys using the first letter of the label that is available on the user’s keyboard.

It is now possible to reset asset depreciations to draft if none of the moves have yet been posted.

Binary fields can now be exported or imported by CSV. The data must be encoded into base64.

We removed the unique product constraint on Bill Of Materials.

When a manual tax is added to an invoice, we now also register a tax line with the base amount for the tax reporting.

We allow warehouses to be grouped under a common view location.

The commission module gained a report that shows the commission per agent.

The web client now has accesskeys for each widget and button. They are displayed using the key combination <CTRL>+<F1>.

The statement journals can now be deactivated as the company can close its related bank account.

Changes for the System Administrator

The trytond-console command can now be started with a read-only transaction.

Changes for the Developer

We implemented the BOOL_AND and BOOL_OR SQL functions in the SQLite back-end.

We use the i18n Genshi extension to enable better translations of the gift card emails.

We added a unique constraint for the language codes.

The clients now search and get Dict keys in a single call for improved performance.

We added to res.user.warning a method to format the warning name based on a list of records.


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