Newsletter December 2023

In the last month we focused on fixing bugs, improving the behaviour of things, speeding-up performance issues and adding new features for you.

Changes for the User

Accounting, Invoicing and Payments

We relaxed the former unique constraint on IBAN account numbers to now allow multiple equal deactivated IBAN account numbers.

When changing the company or party of an invoice, the tax identifiers are now cleared when they are no longer valid.

On payment terms we now display the fields to define the payment term delta in the correct order of application.

It is now possible to shorten or extend the fiscal year as long as all periods are still in its date range.

On refunds we now show the external payment ID from the payment provider.

We now order payable/receivable lines by maturity date or move date.

Parties and CRM

The height of the street widget is now reduced to three lines.

New Releases

We released bug fixes for the currently maintained long term supported series
7.0, 6.0 and the penultimate series 6.8.

Changes for the System Administrator

Tryton now fully supports updating database records from CSV data. The missing piece had been handling the removal of links in xxx2Many fields during the update, which is now done. To unlink or remove existing xxx2Many target records, just exclude them from the CSV data to import. This way the imported data is similar to the stored records in the database.

The Tryton client now cleans-up all temporary files and directories on exit.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

Now it is possible to specify a database statement timeout on RPC calls. The new timeout parameter on RPC calls helps to avoid costly database queries. The default value is 60 sec and can be modified in the configuration.

We included a new policy to require documentation updates for modules when contributing a new feature to an existing module. So far we’ve been working with this rule for a month, which has already improved the documentation for some of the modules.

A new contrib group have been added to the heptapod repository. This includes some tools related to Tryton which provide web integration, filestore integration and even a module to send SMS. We are happy to include more similar projects in the group, feel free to contribute yours!

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono


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