Newsletter December 2021

After release 6.2 we have already resumed development with some cleaning and performance improvements.

Changes for the User

The early planning for stock quantities now takes internal incoming requests into account.

You can now define a delay after which an email notification will be sent.

The reset password email now displays how long it is valid instead of the UTC expiry date and time.

The record names for addresses now contains all the street lines instead of just the first one.

Changes for the System Administrator

It is now possible to send test emails without a database.

Changes for the Developer

The PostgreSQL back-end now uses the JSONB type by default to store the value of Dict fields.

We activated support for window functions when using SQLite versions greater than 3.25.0.

We use RENAME and DROP COLUMN when using SQLite versions that support them.

It is now possible to customize the states of the shipments with which a sale can be grouped.

The button to generate SEPA messages has been prefixed by sepa avoiding any name clashes with other modules.

It is possible to mark the getter of a Function field as not depending on the context. By doing this it can be stored in the transaction cache in readonly transactions.

The cache of instances passed to Function field getters are now prefilled with data already calculated for the instance. The order in which the Function fields are called can be tuned to take advantage of this behavior when the calculations depend on other Function fields from the same record.

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