Newsletter December 2020

Development restarted straight after release 5.8, as you can see with these changes.

Changes for the User

You can now deactivate complaint types. This is useful when the company has stopped using certain complaint types.

The aged balance report now supports more units of time (“week” and “year”) for the terms. Also the terms are updated to sensible standard values when the unit is changed.

The commission date is now based on the invoice date or the payment date.

We have unified the PYSON format in all the clients. They do not necessarily generate exactly the same strings but they can be copied between clients.

On small screens the tabs on the list view could take too much space on the screen. Now they are forced into a single line with a scrollbar.
Also on small screens we no longer display the next/previous buttons so there is now more space available for useful information.

We added a relate from parties to their drop shipments like we have for other shipments.
The effective date of the drop shipment can now be set manually. This is useful if adding them afterwards.

We added a button on the product category that lets you add/remove lots of products from it easily. This is useful when a new category is created and you already have lots of products in the system. Using this you no longer need to edit each product in turn, but can instead add all the selected products in one go.

When invoicing projects based on a time-sheet, it is common that you only want to invoice up to a particular date (for example the end of the month). We’ve added to these projects a date field that limits which time-sheet lines get selected when creating the invoice.

Changes for the Developer

Tryton now makes sure that char fields do not contain white spaces characters, except for normal spaces. It can be confusing for users when they are searching, as the other white spaces characters are not distinct and web browsers replace those white spaces by normal spaces.

The caches for customer payment methods (Stripe and Braintree) no longer depend on the context. This increases the cache hit ratio for these values and so avoids unnecessary network requests for those services.

The server no longer sets the extra_files attribute for the werkzeug server if it is not running in developer mode. This reduces the startup time by a small amount.

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