Newsletter August 2023

Our next Long Term Supported (LTS) release of Tryton, version 7.0, will be published in just three months, at the very beginning of November. So please give our current release version 6.8, — or even better our actual developments, — a good test to squeeze out all the bugs.
In the last month we focused on fixing bugs, speeding-up performance issues and adding new features for you. We also released bug fixes for the maintained series 5.0, 6.0, 6.6 and 6.8.
Unfortunately our news camera was borrowed and not brought back in time. So we apologize for not having screen-shots in this issue of the newsletter.

Changes for the User

Sales, Purchase and Project

In the sale product view we now show the sum of product quantities of the stock in all selected warehouses.

Accounting, Invoicing and Payment

To correctly consider payable and receivable lines, we also post cancelled, grouped, rescheduled and delegated accounting moves when an origin accounting move is posted.

Stock, Production, Quality and Shipment

We now reschedule and update the planned date for late productions and allow it to be changed while running the production. This avoids generating new production requests if there is already one running.

On production works we now store the employee who set a cycle to running, done or cancelled.

We’ve updated the UPS shipping to use the new OAuth 2.0 security model for all APIs.
The existing access-key-based authorisation is now deprecated by UPS.

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You can now deactivate a quality control if it is no longer needed, if, for example, the product is discontinued.

We now store the actual product cost price on the stock move. It is used when the cost price of the move isn’t the same as the cost price of the product. The product cost price is filled in for outgoing stock moves and used to preserve the cost history.

Changes for the System Administrator

The Tryton client configuration, profiles and plug-ins are now transferred from the previous version to the new version on first use of a new client.

Changes for Implementers and Developers

It is now possible to use the width attribute in button columns of tree views. See also our documentation about views.

For consistency, we have renamed the close state to closed in state fields that had that option.

Tryton now supports encoding TimeDelta values into PYSON. The comparison of timedeltas is also supported in PYSON.

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For your convenience we’ve added a database completion for the database option of the trytond-console command.

To ease containerized deployments we’ve added some more environment variables to the command line.
Now you can use TRYTOND_LOGGING_CONFIG to set the default for the --logconf command line option.
Use TRYTOND_COROUTINE as default for --coroutine and TRYTOND_LOGGING_LEVEL to set a logging level via environment variable.

Tryton no longer fails with a ValueError when a message is malformed.

Authors: @dave @pokoli @udono


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