Newsletter August 2022

The summer did not stop Tryton development, here are the new features that landed:

Changes for the User

Saved CSV exports now also set the header in the same way as when run from the wizard.

The account chart reports now use a context form instead of a setup wizard. This allows the report configuration to be instantly changed instead of needing to close and re-open it.

The cost allocation for a shipment and landed cost is now shown before and after posting. This enhances understanding and can help prevent mistakes.

New Modules

The Sale Promotion Coupon Payment Module includes the same parties as the payments to allow the usage to be counted per party.

Changes for the System Administrator

The logging messages now include the duration spent processing the request or task.

The logging messages containing the request parameters are now truncated at 80 chars.

Changes for the Developer

The payment modules link together the same parties that have used the same payment methods.

A promotion coupon can now count together identical parties.

Tryton now uses an implicit join clause on sub-queries when searching on Many2One fields. This allows the database engine to use a better SubPlan, reducing the complexity from O(n²) to O(n log(n)) by using the index on the primary key.


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