Newsletter April 2022

Close to the future release 6.4, we still have a lot of new features landing in Tryton:

Changes for the User

Stock moves without a quantity are no longer required to be put in a package.

The volume dimensions have been added to packages.

The multi-selection in the desktop client now behaves in the same way as the web client to select multiple value use the CTRL and SHIFT buttons.

The country name on addresses is now always displayed in English as requested by postal norm.

Now when multiple statement lines fulfill a payment, or a group of payments, they are reconciled automatically with the clearing lines.

The manual payment processed amount can now be edited. This is useful, for example, when the amount read from a received check does not match the amount read by the bank.

The lots now have upward and downward traces. If you are already using lots, the history of traceability will be available.

There is now a configurable expiration delay for the Stripe setup intent. This is useful to avoid keeping old intents that online customers will never complete.

The production is now displayed on the stock move form.

It is no longer possible to delete a tax identifier on a party if it is used on an invoice.

We now use the invoice date instead of the accounting date to enforce the sequence of customer invoices. This is more flexible and is valid for most of the countries.

A negative debit/credit is used now to book cash change on the point of sale. This avoids artificially increasing the debit/credit total of the account.

The stock package type can now be deactivated if they are no longer used.

We added support for the UPS notification service options.

The cost price on the outgoing moves of a drop shipment are now recalculated when the unit price of the supplier is changed. This provides a more accurate margin report.

We now store the employee who approved the refund of a Stripe or Braintree payment.

The sales from the POS are now included in the sale reporting.

The clients disable the previous/next navigation buttons when there is no record to select.

We warn users who try to deactivate a product when it still has stock.

Changes for the Developer

We now use a unique Reference field for the relation of statement line to an invoice, payment etc.

The parsing of XML data files has been improved to enforce the type of record used in ref attributes, to support Reference field values with the ref attribute.

There is now a batch size when pushing to the queue. When the number of records is greater than this, the task is split up.

The invoices and lines now have a field that contains the numbers of the linked shipments. This field can be used to customize the invoice report to display the shipments.

Tryton now uses the best selectors available on the OS to wait for data to read instead of always using select.

The MultiSelection field always returns a immutable tuple.

It is now possible to deactivate the record that defines a button. This is useful when customizing existing buttons.

The CORS options is now also supported on the root path.

We prevent creating/deleting singleton records from the clients. This provides a better user experience.

The domain inversion now also removes duplicate clauses.


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