New balance sheet feature

the new balance sheet report feature comes exactly at the right moment for me - thanks a lot for implementing this.

AFAIK, it exports all the lines which are opened by using the little wedge. With all lines open which keep info in my balance sheet, I get the following error:

  File "/home/wd/tryton-6.0.2/tryton/common/", line 1138, in process
  File "/home/wd/tryton-6.0.2/tryton/action/", line 34, in callback
    fp_name = file_write((name, type), data)
  File "/home/wd/tryton-6.0.2/tryton/common/", line 492, in file_write
    with open(filepath, 'wb') as fp:

OSError: [Errno 36] Der Dateiname ist zu lang: '/tmp/tryton_fn5rvire/Bericht-Minimaler-KontentypenplanMaterialaufwand-Minimaler-KontentypenplanAufwendungen-Minimaler-KontentypenplanWeitere-ErtrageAufwendungen-Minimaler-KontentypenplanErtrag-Kontentypenplan-SKR04-GermanyPassivaKapitalJahresuberschuss-Jahresfehlbetrag__28.odt'

The German words say “file name is too long” - it seems to consist of very many lines of the balance sheet.
The same happens in “profit and losses”.

Is it my bad handling, my config - or something else?


Known issue see Issue 10330: Filename too long - Tryton issue tracker

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