Need information for study project

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to get some information here for the system Tryton. I am currently a student at a university and we have been given the task of presenting an ERP system. I have chosen this system and now I need the following information, I would be very grateful for an answer and your help.

  • is there a price list (different packages) for your system ?
  • and where and how can I get access to the full version because so far I have only found the demo version on your website ?


Demo version will give you full access to tryton (login/pwd: admin/admin). Then you activate modules you want to test. Otherwise you could use docker image: Docker Hub

Tryton is a free-software under the GPL-3 license. All modules on the Tryton Foundation site are also under the GPL-3 license.
You can find more information here about the GPL

You could check this presentation: An entry-level Tryton presentation