Need advice on how to setup uom per product variety

Hi guys

Can anyone help me. I need a help o setting up uom. Lets say i have a product A in a carton which has 40 dozen and 1 dozen is 12 pieces. But product B has 70 dozen in a carton. Product C has 30 dozen in a carton. How do i set this up?

Depending on what exactly you are aiming to do, you may want to consider using the Secondary Unit modules and creating a new Unit of Measure Category for cartons, and a new Unit of Measure in this category for just cartons (with rate / factor of 1).

Here is some more info: Uom Conversion Inter category on product

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It depends also on what importance has the carton, the dozen and the unit to you.
How are you managing the warehouse, how are you selling and purchasing those products…

If I understood correctly, you should create 4 uom (all belonging to same unit category),

  • unit (which already exists in the system)
  • dozen = 12 unts
  • carrton40 = 40dozen = 480units
  • carton70 = 70dozen = 840unit

Then you can create just one product and use these 4 units for it or create one product for each unit used.


Is it possible to associate a product to one of those cartons automatically? Lets say i order product a thenn i want product a to use carton 70 automatically then product b should use carton 40 automatically. Im trying to reduce user error with this

When you create a product you can define its default uom, you can even define the default uom for purchases and sales.
For example, the ‘egg’ product can be created with ‘unit’ as its default uom, ‘dozen’ as the purchase unit and dozen40 as the sales unit (when purchase/sale you can set any unit in same category), in the end the system makes the calculation and the inventory will be saved in the default uom.