Need Advice on how to incorporate tryton in my web app

I will be using flask to communicate with tryton on backend and have some few question

  1. Is the flask_tryton python module still working?
  2. do i need to mimic the initialization like when i start the desktop tryton client it asks for a bunch of stuffs like add new user add company/party activate modules.
  3. where can i read more about flask_tryton ORM?


Yes, we are using it with latest 6.0 series without any issues.

You should setup the database to connect to on your flask application file.

There is no special ORM for flask_tryton just the Tryton ORM. You can know more about it on our server documentation

in one of the code template for flask tryton is there a way to test the other route without changing anything in the code?

@app.route(’/user/<record(“res.user”):user>’) and @app.route(’/users/<records(“res.user”):users>’)

I do not understand what you are asking. Could you please clarify?