Multiple Sales Orders opened

Is tryton able to open more than 1 sales order or purchase order at 1 time?

What do you mean by “open”?

I open to view an sales order and then open to view another sales order without closing out the previous opened sales order.

You can have as much tab opened as you want.
Now the possible problem is that by default the client does not open a new tab for an action when there is already the same tab opened. It will just put the focus on it.
This can be skipped on desktop client by clicking on the action with “Shift” key. This feature is not yet implemented in the web client but you can copy/paste in a new browser tab the URL.

Is it maybe a setting then? I am only able to open 1 Sales Order at a time.

Sorry I didnt read the see the part about the web version. I will work with it in the desktop version.