Multiple preferred quotation lines for one purchase request

AFAIK currently a purchase request with X quotation lines linked will generate only one purchase line.
In my opinion it is not correct at all because in the reality one purchase request can end in multiple purchase lines with different quantities, planned dates and/or prices.
A simple example:
I have a purchase request of the Product X of 100 units and I ask for a quotation to 2 different suppliers.

  • Supplier1 says that he will offer me 50 units at x price because they have stock (or because any other reason) at one date and the other 50 units at other price and other date.
  • Supplier 2 answers that he will send me 80 units at one date and 20 to another date with same price.

So regardless the option I chose I wanto to create a purchase with 2 lines linked to the same purchase request, but currently when I create the purchase, only preferred_quotation_line or the first line of the purchase quotation will be chosen.
Isn’t it something core should cover? I am missing something and is it somehow doable?

During the quotation process, the detail of delay are still fuzzy. So I do not think it makes a lot of sense to have complex workflow to manage such cases. They can be handled on the purchase when it is confirmed.

Okey, thanks for your reply.