Multiple Commission Agents against a Sale

We have setup Commission module to record the commission by agents on Sales. It was working fine till the new requirement - attach multiple agents with single sale. Is it possible to achieve this using commission module? We are using version 3.8.2 of Commission Module.

How does it work? How do you compute the commission for each agent?
Is it possible that it is the first agent that should give back a commission to the second agent on his commission?

:warning:You should upgrade, it is no more supported since 1 year now.

Every agent gets certain percentage of the total sale. Actually, our company distributes commission directly to all agents and we want to keep proper financial records (invoices, taxation etc) against all payments made on account of commission. Can you please explain how 'first agent should give back commission to second agent" will work?

Yes, we want to upgrade it but we are using old version of GNU Health customized as per our needs. Does the new version supports multiple agents attached to one sale?

I’m not sure to understand. Is it the same repartitions for all sales? What is the rational of having multiple agent per sale?

Usually only the agent who made the sale get a commission. But I was envisaging that your case was that the agent get help from another one and so the first owns a commission to the second. But it does not seem to be your case.

No but the problem of using unmaintained version is for the security and bugs.

Yes! This is an arrangement to cater the over-time/off-time services by employees. If a surgeon is called to do a surgery during off-time, surgeon, operation theater staff & nursing staff are paid certain share from the total sale from surgery. Like surgeon will get 30%, operation theater staff will get 15% and nursing staff will get 10% of the total sale. Rest will be kept by the hospital.

In base the module does not allow multiple agents. But the design of the module will make easy to replace the agent field for a list of agents and the InvoiceLine.agent_plans_used could be extended to return the new agents.

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