Multi-lingual with Relatorio

Does relatorio has multi lingual support ?

While working on version 5.0, some of our users have entered the data in Hindi language. But when printing those fields in PDF, the language is not supported? (Screenshots attached)

OS - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Relatorio does not care about the the language as long as the strings are utf-8.
Here for me, it is just that LibreOffice (or whatever reader is used) is missing a proper font to display those characters.

@ced To test it further I changed the ‘extension’ in ‘’ from PDF to Null (actually blank string - <single_quote><single_quote>) and then printed the report. I got an ODT file which is printing the characters properly as displayed in attachment -

IMHO, the issue is when converting from ODT to PDF, the unicode characters are not taken into account.

No it is just that you have a valid font when the server does not.

Ok… I copied the fonts from my local system to the server and it worked. Thanks @ced

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