Move some repositories to subgroup

We have few projects like Tryton / Tools · GitLab, docker test images, etc that are not directly part of the Tryton software but just tools for development.
I would like to move them in a subgroup tools to have a cleaner listing with most interesting projects only.

We have also website, docker demo, tweet etc. which are more about communication that I would like to move to a subgroup communication.

And finally there are flask-tryton (but it could include tryton-filestore-gs for example) which are more about third party projects that I would like to move to a third-party subgroup. This group may accept other similar projects from Third Party Modules - Tryton Discussion.

The only drawback is that the URL of the projects and repositories will change.


Which should be the name of such subgroup? Which projects should be included?
Can I also include sentry-tryton?

Why not including all such repositories under the location for non oficial modules ?


The ones I listed.

Not in tools.

Because they are official tools.

We have 19 repositories now under the Tryton group.

From your proposal we are just moving 6 repositories (tools, docker tests, website, docker demo, tweet and flask-tryton).

I do not think we should move anything unless we have a place for all the repositories.

The new structure is setup.