Move POS payment methods configuration to the POS itself

I did some clicking around in the POS module and found that it is impossible to create payment methods on a POS basis.

I can imagine that there are companies who have multiple stores each on a different location and they have separate accounts for the different payments to get an easy overview how the stores are doing. This basically means that the creation of the payment methods have to be on the POS configuration itself instead of a general one.

If we can agree on this, I will try to make the change.

The main issue is with such behavior there is no way to ensure a unique cash method. Or it will require to create a cash method for each POS which is not desirable.

I do not really see the point but this can solved by reporting as each move has the proper origin.

Just to get an overview to see how a store is doing financially. Maybe it’s doing very bad and for the company it’s better to close the store.

Perfect, will look into that.

Payment information only do not provide such information.

No, but it can be an indication something is going on and further investigation is needed.

So you want to complexify the accounting to maybe detect that maybe something is wrong :thinking:

No, I was just clicking around and thought about this. I’m not an accountant or financial expert nor business analyst or other kind of expert in that area.

I didn’t thought about reporting based on the account moves.