Move from consigned supplier location to customer location doesn't limit move quantity

In 5.0, it’s possible to do a move with more products than the supplier location contains. The assignation leads to negative quatities. Is that on purpose? Seems to be a bug for us.

Well product must come from somewhere (double entry accounting). So it is the purpose of supplier location to always have a negative quantity.

I mean: in the context of Consignment Stock.
We place some products from Supplier S into a consignment location in client A.
Here are the locations:
— Main consignement; type Client
—— Consignment for Party A; type Store
——— Consignment for Supplier S; type Supplier
The products for Supplier S are sent by us to our client A. Moved with an Internal move to the “Consignment for Supplier S”.
For a sale we move from “Consignment for Supplier S” to “Consignment for Party A” and then to “Client”. But we can move more products than available. Seems unrealistic.

Well, I think we have forgotten to make assignation required between consigned supplier to customer.
I filled Issue 8893: Move from consigned supplier to customer must require assignation - Tryton issue tracker

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