More Timers on Chronos

My workflow with Chronos is each time I finish a task I need to introduce the time there. But it’s a bit annoying to do some math each time I need to put the duration time of my task:
Two quick examples, I start my attendance at 9:45 am, now is 11:15, so 1:30 elapsed time assigned to X task.
11.25-9.75-0 = 1.5 ==> 1h30m
Now is 13:00, Chronos only show me I invested in X task a 1h30m. But I need to do the following again to assign to Y task:
13.00-9.75-1.5 = 1.75 ==> 1h45m
And this computation scales up as I do more task, obviously.

I would be interesting to have two counters next to actual sum of durations:

  • Time since attendance start
  • Time not assigned to task (time since attendance start - sum(sheet lines duration))

Most useful for me is the second.

For me the time spent on a task should not be computed to fill the gap. It should be measured between the start and the end.
Now that we have an attendance module, it will be good to be able to check-in and check-out with chronos. But this should not interfere with the timesheet recording. But it may be good to display the duration of presence in chronos so the user can compare with the total of timesheet.

Normally I have some long-running tasks for the to do during the day and get interrupted with user support. Once the support is solved, I write the support phone call duration and continue with the previous task.
For me the fill the gap feature would be lifesaver to know the previous task duration once supports are written.
Your proposal (end-start) forces me to write the time and description of my running task while I’m on phone.

But this forget the lost of time by context switching. I think it is unfair to invoice that to the long task customer.

It’s not forget, I did not enter in such detail, support task is phone time + context switch time.