More Advanced Sequence is needed

anything in software should be added to sequence for example i want to create sequence for Buyers (customer) and Suppliers (salers) according to chart of accounts lets assume code 120 belongs to Purchasers and code 320 belongs to Vendors, i want to create sequence for Purchasers starts 120 and for Vendors starts 320 with diffractions.
Vendor: 320.01.01 TrytonA Raw Metarials
Vendor: 320.01.02 TrytonB Dangerous Chemicals
Purchaser: 120.01.01 TrytonC Lumber and Forest Products Co. Ltd.
Purchaser: 120.01.02 TrytonD Air Conditioning

examples above are consist of 3 breakdowns but should be enlarged up to 10, each breakdown is different value such as City Code or Codes from Charts of account, Company Name or Code, Category, Date, PRODUCT TREE, just Any possible thing, etc.


This is no more a sequence but a manual encoding which can be done if you remove the default sequence on party configuration.

Hi, thank you for reply,
i dont think it is possible right now, because it needs manuel edit the squence every time when new party or product is created. System must be automatic in order the prevent errors, and we will define a schema;

For Product:

For Party:

For Material:

For Etc. Etc.


I do not think such pattern will ever land in Tryton because it will create in no time inconsistency because it would duplicate data in free char field.
Indeed such requirement about code dates from system that were not able to provide useful search feature which is not the case for Tryton.

You know the system so you know the best, but when i introduce tryton to those who around me, they first ask Such patterns, Product tree and ability to create hierarchy layout on Products, Customers, Materials and etc. Commercial ERP systems here provides such features and they copy each other from time to time, the needs of customers are shaped by the Erp Companies, to take a seat in between them these kind of features are needed here.
i just suggested a feature which i thought would be nice without knowing system behind.
have a good day.

When I get such a question, my answer is always ‘WHY’?. What’s the reason behind someone want such sequences?. This is something from the paper-past and doesn’t add any value anymore only add more complexity for the system and user because everything must be exactly right. If you create a product, and you put it in the wrong category, your sequence number will be incorrect. When changing from category should there be a new sequence number for the product? If yes, the rest of the company should be informed about that. If not, the sequence number doesn’t tell anything anymore. Also autonumbering will run out because it won’t fit anymore on a label or it will overlap with another sequence.

You should never use sequences to build hierarchical structures. Create a module or a set of modules with new views which takes the right data and displays it to the user in the right form.

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it has many reasons, most importantly readablity, inference, filtering, searchability, reporting and many more etc.
Mostly no one create products manualy, there are this kinds of features you just choose as low as options to create product and the product code is formed according to the selections. Users have no initiative to make mistakes. So products does not go to wrong category etc.
anyway no need to discuss on this because @ced stated that such pattern never land in Tryton.
And I don’t like it when you reply in a condescending way. It was a suggestion no need to fight.
@ced kindly explained that this proposal would not come true.
have a good day.

For product code it is another story. And in Tryton it is not linked to a sequence by default because there are many use case where people would want to generate one using some properties. But I do not think we could have a generic feature for that, it is more a configuration by code.