Monthly Remote Code Sprint

We would like to organise a monthly code sprint. During the sprint day contributors will be ensured to get quick answers, fast reviews and people to talk with. The main meeting place will the #Tryton channel.

We have to select which week of the month:

  • 1st week
  • 2nd week
  • 3rd week
  • 4th week

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and which day of the week:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Several toughts:

  • What about the months on where is a release/feature freeze? There is no sprint? Or we do it before the release/feature freeze? This is important for me in order to decide the week of the sprint.
  • Could we mark in some ways the issues/reviews that will be on the codesprint? This way reviewers can focus on issues that are in the sprint and leave the other for other days.

Although we don’t have the same volume as postgresql, we can pick some ideas of their commit fest

There are still things to do during release freeze, so I do not see why we should not do it.
Also the release day is not really fixed.

For me, any issues are for the code sprint, like any issue can be fixed at any time.

We usually have a lot of issues to review, so if we “anounce” who is in the codesprint, we should be able to know on which issues we expect the contributor/reviewer to be online and focus on this issues. I don’t wan’t somebody to be waiting for a review, while we are reviewing some work of somebody which is not online for the sprint.

Otherwise it’s the same as every day. I review when I can, and I answer on the IRC when i can.

You will just have to look at who is online.

So here is the created event.

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I propose to stop this recurring event. I did not see any special activities on those days. The usual contributors continue to contribute. I did not really see new contributors coming on those days and neither those who requested to have such event.

No reaction just like on the code sprint day. So I remove the event from the calendar and go back to business as usual.