Modules path in config

Could we have a config option to define additional paths where to search for modules?

I do not think so. We want to stick with standard Python.
So you can use standard Python tools to install your modules the way you want like using venv, PYTHONPATH, .local etc.

Ok thanks for reply. Coming back to dev, I’ve tried using PYTHONPATH with tryton docker using a volume with modules.
Problem: trytond-admin has not seen new modules. If I add a symbolic link in /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/trytond/modules to a new module, I have no problem with trytond-admin. My conclusion is that there is a problem with searching trytond modules in PYTHONPATH

For .local, I don’t see what you intend to do. Adding a “/home/trytond/.local/trytond” folder with modules?

trytond search for modules only in its modules directory or via entry-points.
If you are using docker image, you should customize the docker image to install the modules you need.

You mean with symbolic links in “modules” directory?

No I really mean Entry Points in the group trytond.modules.

Ok but this is with when installing module.
So for development, there is only the symbolic link solution?

I do not know. I never understood how it could be preferred to use a docker image for development.

I speak globally, not with docker in mind

When developing custom module, we usually use just a virtual environment and install the developed module using python develop.

When developing on standard module, we still use a virtual environment but just install the requirements.txt and requirements-dev.txt generated by the .hooks/update_requirements of tryton-env: log repository.