Module is not appearing in the modules menu bar

Hi, I have created a folder for the “health_proc” module which contains all related files. then I opened the tryton app and activated the “health_proc” module successfully. therefore the health_proc module is still not appearing in the modules menu bar, which is normally located on the left side of tryton window. plz, tell me anyone, how can i display it.

After adding modules you need to run:
trytond-admin with the -m option.

trytond-admin -c trytond.conf -d databasename -m

After that you should see your module in Administration / Modules / Modules

If you are not running trytond with --dev I guess you also need to restart trytond after adding modules, although I am not 100% sure here.

In tryton/gtk you need to refresh the list of modules.

the module is available in Administration/Modules/… I activated from there but it is not appearing on the left side. look in the snap,

trytond-admin -c trytond.conf -d databasename -m.
I have run this command before opening the tryton app. and it is successfully compiled and run.

health_proc is not an official module.
There may be 2 issues:

  1. You may not have permission. Go to Administration / Users and give yourself permission if there is a group for this module. If not you need to create it.

  2. The module might not have created a menu entry.

I have created this. is it correct?

It is possible that you need to create a menu entry: Display records — Tryton server