Module for managing "Delivery Tours"?

Did someone already implement something like this?

For our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) we need some delivery planing, roughly like this:

  • We deliver boxes to about 40 stations/depots. Customers come there to pick-up the boxes.
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday two vans are touring to some of the stations each. Tours differ between weekdays (most stations are served only once, but some are served on several days)

Models I identified so far:

  • “Stations”, an extended “Address” (e.g. instructions for the driver, comment, capacity)
  • “Tour”, on Weekday, listing “Stations” in order, related to a Van
  • “Van” (capacity, payload weight)

Implementation question:

  • Of course for the customers there should be a list of stations sorted by post-code or quarter, containing the time of day when boxes can be pick up there. For stations served twice, times might differ between tours. How to model this the best way?

Any other ideas are welcome

I’m not sure exactly how you need this to all fit together, but this part sounds a bit like a Warehouse.

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Probably what you are looking for can be implemented with just some customizations. Let me explain:

It seems that you should use the depot adress as delivery address for the customer. Are the depot addresses property of the company or another third party? In any case the shipment_address of the sale should allow to pick this address on any customer.

Probably the carrier can be reused. If you have the station as address it should be possible to compute it automatically based on the weekday.
This information will be copied to shipment so you will kniw which shipments should be picked on each “Tour”

The VAN should be an asset of the company.
If you want you can associate them with tours and shipments but not sure if this provides any value.

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