Mobility for tablets and smartphones

Good day

Does Tryton have mobile functionality. By this question I mean:

Is a mobile view for a tablet or smartphone available?
Can mobile apps be developed to be be used online and offline?

Hello Braam,

Tryton can be used in a browser on mobile devices.
You can test it by launching the demo in your mobile browser. But there is room for improvement, especially for touchscreen usage.
Also I am missing a collection of nice custom.css…

Yes, you can develop such client apps, but you probably need to handle the caching and synchronisation by yourself at the client side.
HIH, regards Udo

Hi Braam,

We’ve have a talk on TUM2019 explaining how we built a mobile application connected to Tryton, which is available on Youtube

Thanks all for the feedbback

We just started discussing the topic on TUB2023. The idea is to push SAO. More flexibility concerning the amount and selection of rows can already be defined in V7.

Here two “alpha” mockups as an idea to start with. The general structure of fields, grouping of the fields, subtitles and tabs shall stay in order to get a similar interface as on SAO desktop. Cheers, Stefan