Missing translation on Product Variant?

I walked into a weird problem with translations. You can see it on the demoserver Tryton

  1. login with another language (demo_nl, demo_de, demo_es, etc)
  2. go to Products -> Products (in the right language of course)
  3. open a product from the list and look at the translated sub-tabs (‘General’, ‘Customer’, ‘Identifications’ etc)
  4. go to Products -> Products -> Variants
  5. open a variant from the list and look at the sub-tabs … they are not translated (only some of them)

Looking in the translation server (translate.tryton.org) I can’t find the strings to be translated. I can find for example

msgctxt "view:product.template:"
msgid "General"
msgstr "Algemeen"

But not

msgctxt "view:product.product:"
msgid "General"
msgstr "Algemeen"

Adding this one by hand in the nl.po in the locale directory in the product module and updating the database, will translate the tab.

So, is the translation server missing strings?

This is very similar to Issue 11387: Product checkboxes are not shown - Tryton issue tracker but for view strings.
I see this is working on 6.0, so it should reported as bug for 6.4 series

Do you know if that patch has been added to the 6.4 versions? It’s indeed working on 6.2 versions. But I have no idea where to look for to fix this.

Yes the patch is applied and fixed. It is not the same problem but similar so a similar solution with this patch should fix your issue.

Then probably the best is to fill an issue an wait until somebody else provides a fix for it.

I filed Issue 11591: Tab names on Product Variant are not translated - Tryton issue tracker

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