Missing report file while creating a text file

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/wsgi.py”, line 73, in dispatch_request
return endpoint(request, **request.view_args)
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/protocols/dispatcher.py”, line 46, in rpc
request, database_name, *request.rpc_params)
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/wsgi.py”, line 44, in auth_required
return wrapped(*args, **kwargs)
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/protocols/wrappers.py”, line 122, in wrapper
return func(request, pool, *args, **kwargs)
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/protocols/dispatcher.py”, line 176, in _dispatch
result = rpc.result(meth(*c_args, **c_kwargs))
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/report/report.py”, line 182, in execute
oext, content = cls._execute(records, data, action_report)
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/report/report.py”, line 190, in _execute
return cls.convert(action, cls.render(action, report_context))
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/report/report.py”, line 281, in render
fd, path = cls._prepare_template_file(report)
File “/trytond-5.0.20-py3.6.egg/trytond/report/report.py”, line 258, in _prepare_template_file
raise Exception(‘Error’, ‘Missing report file!’)
Exception: (‘Error’, ‘Missing report file!’)

After selecting the txt file generated on print option above error shows up.

This normally means that you created a report file but the template is not availble on the server.
There are two possible issues here:

  • The template name is wrong, you should fix it
  • You installed the package but the template is not included on the distribution packages. You should update the setup file to include the templates on distribution packages.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks it helped me and it is working properly!!

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