Minimum production lot

In the follow scenario I can produce correctly productB

  1. Create productA (producible) and productB
  2. Create BoM for productA:
    • Inputs: 1 unit productB
    • Outputs: 2 units productA
  3. Asociate BoM to productA
  4. Create a production for productA and set quantity to 1
  5. The production gives:
    • Inputs: 1 unit productB
    • Outputs: 1 unit productA

The outputs are correct but only 1/2 of productB is used, the other 1/2 of productB is lost.

Add a file of minimum product lot to fix the minimum quantity required to produce productA, in these case 2 units.

So, in production when product and BOM is selected the quantity will be updated to 2 and outputs will be:

  • Inputs: 1 productB
  • Outputs. 2 productA

Add a field in BOM to determine the minimum quantity to produce products and check it in on_change_quantity method.

A minimum will not solve the case for other quantities like 3 or 5 etc.

That’s true.

Minimum need to be multiple of a 2.

If quantity is 1 set to 2, if 3 set to 4.

I guess compute_factor could be adapted to apply an optional rounding to the factor.

I am not familar yet with the production process in Tryton, but why is 1/2 of productB lost and not left in stock to use in the next production? It seems the production process depends on what productB actually is, and for some products 1/2 will be lost, but for other products the 1/2 remaining can be kept for the next production. Instead of rounding, could the solution lie in identifying the minimum order quantity for the input products, and whether using fractional units is allowed?

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Well using a unit of measure that allow 0.5 quantity is a way to manage that if it makes sense. But sometimes it makes no sense to have ½ unit.

In general Tryton does not enforce the conservation of mass in a production. Tryton provides just a proposal for the result based on the BoM but it is up to the user to update with the actual result.