Migration from 5.8 to 6.0


  • [SQL] fix currency, invoice_type and party on invoice line

    UPDATE account_invoice_line SET currency = (SELECT currency FROM account_invoice WHERE id = account_invoice_line.invoice);
    UPDATE account_invoice_line SET invoice_type = (SELECT type FROM account_invoice WHERE id = account_invoice_line.invoice) WHERE invoice_type IS NOT NULL;
    UPDATE account_invoice_line SET party = (SELECT party FROM account_invoice WHERE id = account_invoice_line.invoice) WHERE party IS NOT NULL;
  • [SQL] before update, add access on field

    ALTER TABLE ir_model_field ADD COLUMN "access" BOOLEAN


  • [SQL] after update, remove code column
    ALTER table ir_sequence_type DROP COLUMN code

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Sorry for being picky at this point, but it seems as if there are two semicolons missing at the end of the command lines. True? For the less experienced user it is not obvious whether they are needed or not… ):

As well, to me it was not clear that commands 1-3 and 4 need to be executed in one sequence, is there any argument against putting all of the 4 lines in one box?


Semicolon is not needed for single command.