Mark all shipments for carrier as done

Marking all packages for Location + Carrier as done after pick-up seems like a very useful feature.

First I will apologize for probably posting in the wrong category: when I think I have a feature request, then it is actually a support request, and when I make a support request it is usually actually a feature request :confused:

Let me explain my problem:

I ship most packages to my customers using one carrier.
Each day there may be 5-50 packages that I pack, label, check to make sure they correspond to the packed packages for said output location in tryton.

Then when the carrier arrives, there is no time to check which packages the carrier actually picks up, he just picks up all the packages that are on the delivery cart with labels for his carrier, scans them and then leaves.

After the carrier has made the daily pick-up, I usually go to my desk and search for packages for said carrier + output location shipments and go through them one by one in form view, and press done, press yes, page down for next one.

This can get tedious if there are a lot of packages, and since there are a lot this is usually done by muscle memory, which is wrong and can lead to mistakes.

How do other users solve this problem?

I would have made a feature proposal, but it seems like this is a basic problem and there must be a better way than what I am doing.

If there is not a way to do this in current tryton, then I would like to propose a feature to mark all Customer shipments as done for said carrier +location.
For this I have two ideas: Either add an action to mark as done from list view permitting one to select all the records and press action done, or a wizard marking all shipments for carrier/location as done.

I agree. It is a valid feature request to add the done button on the customer shipment list because there are really few thing to be checked or modified at the point of the workflow.

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