Managing sales with Tryton : Salesperson, Customer Balance

Hi everyone,
I am willing to use tryton for my business as it seems to be a complete and flexible solution. However, I am having trouble to see how can sales be managed with tryton ( After installing all the available sales modules in the docker image)
Is it possible to do the following things with tryton :

  • Define a client and check his purchase history
  • Visualize a client’s balance
  • Assign a salesperson to a client
  • Link a sale with a salesperson to be able to track selling performances for each salesperson.
    Thanks for the support.
    Mourad FAKHFAKH

On the party menu, you can use the relate actions to open the sales linked to the selected party.

On the party list, you have the payable and receivable amounts.

By default Tryton does not have such field. But in future versions, we will store employees responsible of key actions: Issue 8969: Add employee on some documents - Tryton issue tracker

Indeed with the new feature, we could extend the reporting to include employees as parameters.

Once Tryton modularity is understood, extending the functionality with your own modules is very easy (ex. Sales person), indeed it is the way in which you can get tryton to look and act in the desired way.
However I recommend you that play with Tryton first, as it is likely to meet your needs with the already existing modules.

Hi Cédric,
Thanks for the quick reply. Do you think those features such as sale-employee link can be handled by an upgrade on the sales modules ? I understand that in a way,making employees responsible of key actions may resolve the salesperson-client link issue in terms of data linking, but I was thinking about making the sales module more “complete” for a salesperson being able to display his linked customers, their current balance… a sort of tool that will be displayed as a unique dashboard for the salesperson by making visible only his own clients and their current operation. If those kind of modifications can be handled within the sales modules, I would be glad to contribute to this upgrade.
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For me, this is not so trivial to make it generic and flexible. For example, in many businesses it is not obvious that there is a some responsible of a specific order and even less for a specific customer. Indeed I think it is the more and more the cases.
Also there is the cases where multiple employees are responsible of a unique order.

So I think this is something that should be very carefully think and designed. Also it should be generic so it can apply to other models like purchases, opportunities etc.

Perhaps an optional many to many relationship between an “Operation/Action” (Sale, purchase, opportunity) and Party field can handle this feature in a generic and flexible way.

We use a Many to Many relationship between Agents and Customers. Then, when you create a Sale, after choosing the Customer, it gets that party’s Agents as Sale Agents by automatic.

This implented on Issue 8654: Default agent per party - Tryton issue tracker which will land on the upcomming 5.6 series

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