Managing bank statement files (CSV, OFX, QIF, etc)

Banks all provide different permutations of CSV files, OFX, QIF, MT940 and now the MiData files

Some people may want to import these files directly into Tryton and use them to create other records

Some people may want to consolidate all these different files in an external SQL table, outside Tryton, and use it for multiple purposes, for example, to search for expenses that are reimbursable

Has anybody seen any complete or partial solutions to these requirements?

It is not a standard so it is not possible to provide a general import.

Already exists with account_statement_ofx

It should be possible to create a module but I doubt about the usage of this very old format.

This is doable thanks to even if it also tends to be replaced.

I can not find information about this format.

That’s the goal of the account statement origin.

Well that is not the goal of Tryton.

I agree, nonetheless, if anything like this already exists it might be useful for testing and comparison of data

Another case where this is useful is for people who are loading their company bank statements into Tryton, they don’t want to load their personal bank statements into Tryton but they want to search the personal account statements to look for reimbursable expenses.