Manage some cases with purchase_requests created from requisitions


We noticed some problems to process purchased_requests issued by purchase_requisitions…

With, unit_price defined on purchase_requisition could become a key to create purchase_line from purchase_request.

Let’s take the case when different users create purchase_requisition for the same product with different quantities and different unit_price. With the above issue, if we select those lines with same product in purchase_request, the created purchase will have 2 purchase lines with different unit_price.
The purchaser will probably try to merge those 2 lines into one with summed quantity and the best unit_price. In this case, the link on the request will be lost and the request state will return to ‘draft’.
How to tell your request is managed by another purchase ?

Another case is when your process a purchase request to a purchase and you order more then expected on the purchase (better price, good sale forecasts, …). Few moments later, there’s a new purchase_request created from a requisition for the same product. How to link this requests to the previous purchase you made ?

To handle such cases, could we imagine that the field “requests” on purchase_line will be no more read-only and then allow purchaser to link one or multiple ‘draft’ purchase_request on a ‘draft’ purchase_line (with domain on product) like for Blanket Order ?

Is the only way to cancel a request is by creating a purchase and then cancelling ? (in the case of it’s no more possible to purchase a product requested). Or could it be possible to act on the draft_purchase request before creating the purchase and update the status to ‘cancel’ ?

Thanks for suggestions, solutions, ideas about improvements that could be done in such cases! :slight_smile:

Indeed I think we should not group by unit price but only compute the unit price of the purchase line by using the lowest price.

I guess we could make the purchase line field on request editable for request originated from request.


I do think that you can only know that you can not purchase once you made a request for quotation to a supplier and thus cancel the order.

So this field (purchase_line) should be displayed on purchase_request

Probably when it is editable. Or maybe we need to have a dedicated wizard so it can check that the sum of request quantities is bellow the purchased quantity.