Make this site more multi-language friendly


The goal of having a discourse instance is to have a better tool to discuss inside the community than the mailing lists. But we got a barrier for completely replace the mailing list, this barrier is the language. We have mailing list for each languages. This discourse instance is English only for now. I think it will be good to allow different language on the instance but instead of creating barriers like the mailing list does (there are not inter-communication between languages mailing lists), we should try to encourage multi-lingual conversation because we are a community and we share the same issues and goals.


We could allow to user to choose the language used to display the UI of discourse (it is deactivated for now to limit to English).
We could install the discourse-translator plugin (but it may has a cost).

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I like the idea of putting the different languages together. My prososal is to ask the members to use english at least for title/feature. In case the body is not english, google may (exceptionally) be our friend to translate.

IIUC it also has a free quote. We can use this quote to test if it is really required for our users and to estimate the cost that will enquire and request the foundation to pay it.

I could not succeed to create a Microsoft account, it is stalling on card verification (I got a security error in my browser console, maybe it requires IE which I do not have).
So I’m setting up with our current Google Cloud API which is on the B2CK credit card. I do not except the cost to be too much.

The plugin is activated. So let’s try it. I setup quota for 200,000 char per day but I will any way check the consumption.

It is about 2 weeks since we run this plugin.
Here are the consumption:

  • 1st week about 1000
  • 2nd week about 400

So it seems to stabilize and bellow the budget of 20$/month.