Make button readonly based on a parent field

I want to make a button readonly based on a parent field. Normally you would do:

states = {
    'readonly': Eval('_parent_sale', {}).get('state') != 'draft'

Now I want to do the same with a button, but that isn’t working.

def __setup__(cls):

        confirm: {
            'readonly': Eval('_parent_sale', {}).get('state') != 'draft'

Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation? Or is it possible to add this to the XML?

In such case the best is to have a function field (which depends on the parent) to compute the state and then make your button depend on such field.

Indeed, following your example we no more use _parent_sale.state but we have a sale_state field on the line.

This has the benefit that the button have the right state also when used outside of the _parent model. For example on a view that just show lines.

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Yeah, I already was afraid of that. So I added a Function field.

It should work if you are inside a One2Many for which the parent is sale.

I’m working with a Many2One as parent. So I want to look at the state field of the parent.

A Many2One does not create a parent/children relation, only the One2Many.
So the Function field is the solution.

Thanks! That’s something to remember.

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