Lost menu access after adding group to menu

There seems to be a bug when I try to add both the sub-menu and the parent-menu in Groups > Access Permissions > Access Menu

For example, adding both Inventory & Stock and Inventory & Stock / Locations will result in Locations disappearing from the menu for all other users not under this group. (Test group not affected)

Immediately after saving, Inventory & Stock / Locations disappears

Upon refreshing

I will not be able to find Inventory & Stock / Locations from the Access Menu list as well.

Deleting the Test group would “release” Locations and resolve this issue

The problem is that your current user does not belong yo this group.
When you create the rule your user loses the access to this group so the menus disapear.

Adding your use to the group should solve the issue.

Yes adding the user to the group solved this issue. Didn’t know it was intended to be like this.


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