Login issue to tryton Desktop client

I am unable to login on tryton desktop client as it showing me to add my password again and again ,i have added the same password which i have created in cmd . can you please suggest me anything how can i reset my password?

Assuming there is no useful data in the database yet (because you are unable to login), I would simply start over (and over, and over…) until I learn why the password I believe I used to initialize the database is not being accepted. Also I would use a simple password and avoid the possibility that a special character is causing the problem.

Also, just to be sure we understand you correctly, you may consider posting the complete command line you used to initialize the database, and a screenshot of showing the screen with the login prompt.

Are you sure the database you try to connect to is the same you’ve reset the password?

Sorry for this stupid-simple question, but I’ve never had problems with trytond-admin -d database_name -p, and when I have it’s for stupid things like this.