Log for all the user related data?


I was wondering how can I check all the user related data such as log in time of user and the record created by the user

This can be found in the logging output.

You must make a query on each table to count with create_uid = <user id>.

Thanks for the reply

How can I check the logging output

By reading the output file that was configured as logging. The successes are logged as INFO.

Hey Cedric
Thanks for the reply is there any specific command for docker containers ?

One way to configure the logging on docker container for now is by creating your own extended image with a logging configuration file and to set the environment TRYTOND_LOGGING_CONFIG to point to this path.

Or you can just set the environment TRYTOND_LOGGING_LEVEL to the desired integer level (based on python logging level).

See How to start the server — trytond latest documentation

IIRC there is no need to extend the image as you can just create the configuration file using a volume from the local system and set the environment variable to the path where the volume is mounted.

Also it may make sense to store the logs on a volume to make them persistent.