Local Community to localize Tryton

Dear community

I am looking information about local community in order to create a Peruvian community to promote Tryton and Tryton development.

I would like top know if there are some policies and or constraints in order to create a local community



Hello Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto, from Dominican Republic

We also want to create a local community in the Dominican Republic, authorized and endorsed by the Tryton Foundation because we believe it is necessary to allow the creation of local communities in different countries so that Tryton has an increase in installations and have more developers. We want to become to Tryton in a community larger and collaborative. +1 this proposal

I think anyone is free to create an organization. And this organization can have as goal the Tryton promotion. Tryton is a free-software project, so we believe in giving freedom to the users…
The policy about the trademark “Tryton” has always been that it is free to use as long as it is about the actual project.
Now I do not think the Foundation needs or should “endorse” any local organization. But of course if someone is planning an event where Tryton will be involved, we can promote on the website (as explained here).
Also I guess the Foundation on case by case could provide more help/resource if requested.

But something we want to avoid is to put in silo different communities based on country or language (there are more common needs than specific). This was one goal of the removal of language mailing list for this forum (where anyone can use his language).