List of items by location

For a control of our products in stock, I have to take out a list with the information: Location / Product / Quantity.

This list would be used 1x per quarter for stock control.

I’d like to output this list based on a parent location. In our case, we have buildings (parent location) and storage areas (storage rack) in this building.

Do you think it is possible to release this list as standard? (maybe a method I haven’t identified)

I would also like to have the same list by adding the lot number information. Location / Product / “Lot” / quantity (of the lot)

Thanks for your help.

Is this used for inventory? If yes I’m wondering if it makes sense to add the report on Inventory and print it from there (or event just use the export wizard)

In order to answer your question we will need to know why the list is used for.

This sounds like an inventory of many locations. Probably the module stock_inventory_location would help create all the inventories at once. From there maybe we could have a printable version of the inventory forms.

We have 2 use cases:

  • the complete list of locations with “locations / Products / Batch / Quantities”: for a complete location check of our stock.
  • the list on a selection of locations with “locations / Products / Batch / Quantities”: for a localized check of our stock.

These 2 use cases are related to the verification of our stock.
Through this verification, we can make location corrections (moving) or inventory corrections.

Currently, there is already a “Products by locations” list available with a “relate” in the “Inventory & Stock / Locations” view, but this view does a stock total on the selected locations. If I want to have a list of stocks by location, I have to do it location by location.

It is possible to use the “stock_inventory_location” wizard to generate an inventory on all locations or on a selection of locations. Then, I can output a listing via a CSV export of inventory data. If I don’t want to process the inventories, I delete the inventories in DRAFT after generating my CSV file.