Linking serial numbers to the products


I was searching the possibility to use serial number on products. So, it seems I found a solution from the below thread -

So, it is suggested to use lots for product serialization. But I was also thinking how to allocate serial numbers to multiple units of the same product. Let’s assume the following use case -

We are going to purchase 5 iPhones (same product.variant) from a supplier where each phone is having individual IMEI number. Therefore, we need to give each mobile a distinct serial number as we need to track each phone for warranty and after sales tracking purpose. From my understanding, I think the steps to link serial numbers to each individual phone are -

  1. We need to create 5 serial numbers for iPhone (product.variant)
  2. We create a PO with 5 units of iPhone
  3. We process the PO
  4. We need to create a supplier shipment
  5. We need to allocate the incoming move to the supplier shipment
  6. We need to link each iPhone (out of 5 quantities) to individual serial number while receiving the supplier shipment. From the incoming move of the supplier shipment we have the option to allocate a lot to a product.

Can we allocate 5 different serial numbers to these 5 iPhones within the same receive? I assume no because we can allocate only one lot for each receive of the supplier shipment.

Is there any other way to link a specific product with a serial/lot number if we are not able to link multiple units of same product to different serial numbers from a single receive?

Yes, you should use the stock_split [1] module which will allow you to split the stock move with quantity 5 into 5 stock moves with quantity 1.

[1] modules/stock_split: log

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You should have a look at the stock_lot_unit module too:

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And their documentations are Stock Split Module — trytond_stock_split latest documentation and Stock Lot Unit Module — trytond_stock_lot_unit latest documentation

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