Link modules documentation to discource and vice versa

At our Tryton meeting in Berlin there was the idea to link the modules and their documentation to Discourse. So this makes it possible to ask questions on a “pre-developer” level, to clear up ambiguities or to submit suggestions for improvement.

I will present a draft with the use of the API here soon, but I wanted to let you know in advance to start the discussion :slight_smile:


I think it’s a great idea, to give more visibility to a more functional documentation.

This may be useful Embed Discourse comments on another website via Javascript - admins - Discourse Meta

While writing the script I need a vote what to use when creating the topic in discourse:

eg: Stock Module — trytond_stock latest documentation

Should we use the first header and paragraph as an appetizer followed by a link to the full dokumentation? Or only module name and link?

I think it is better to not repeat the documentation content as it will be harder to maintain in sync.
So I guess we could have just a generic text containing the module name.

As we wanted to provide a low level entry for contributors I would provide