Line breaks and pdf-function

thanks for this great tool to manipulate odt-files programmatically. I have the situation that in my customers field, I sometimes have to people being responsible. Whenever this occurs, I’d have python split the string and rejoin it with a forced line break “\n”. Unfortunately this is not applied to the outputted document. Instead only a space is integrated beween the two names. I also tried
but that doesn’t change anything. Is there a way to include line breaks in one variable being exported to the odt-file?
Further I was wondering if there’s an internal solution to both output an *.odt- and *.pdf-file simultaneously. Currently I’m using relatorio to create the odt and then start a subprocess with unoconv to transform it into a pdf.

Thanks for your help!

You need to iterate over the lines and have line break inside the loop which render each line.

No. In Tryton we just call soffice to make the conversion.

Thanks for your answer and the hint with soffice. I switched to a libreoffice terminal call and it works smootly. I also got my first problem solved through applying a for loop for that field as well.
But now I ran into another problem. I tried to have a nested for loop for another part of the document and get the error message stating it can’t pop the item from dict. Basically I have a iteration loop adding lines to a table quite similar to the example given in the documentation. But - differing from the example - I have one field (description field) in every row, where I want to have line breaks between multiple text lines. Since not all rows have the identical number of text lines in that field I thought about starting another for each loop to get the text entries into that field. But that does not work. How exactly did you think line break should be applied within the loop?
Thanks for your help