Leave management (LMS) with Tryton?

Is it possible to perform leave manaement with Tryton?
I.e. management of holidays, sick days, parental leaves etc.
Something like Jorani: GitHub - bbalet/jorani: Leave and Overtime Management System

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Many thanks!

Unfortunately, there seems to be no documenation at all, not even a list of features, let alone screenshots or a demo site. Therefore, I would like to try it out.

Do you happen to know, if this module would work with tryton-server 6.0.19-1 as in Debian testing and unstable? If not, it is probably too complicated for me to try.

Thanks in advance, again!

It should work if you pick up 6.0 branch of the module. It only depends on core modules (ir & company).

You’ll need some “git” skills, though, as you’ll have to clone the repository into the modules repository of your trytond server.