Last newsletter on March

I decided to stop being involved in the communication of Tryton. So the newsletter for march will be the last one I will publish. Anyone is free to continue or not.

It’s a sad news for people that relied on it to follow the development of Tryton but we should thank you for the job done until now. And I understand and support your desire to invest less of your time in this part of Tryton.

Let’s hope that the community has the resources to fill the void.


It seems this was not clear enough but I will neither make publications for (any kind of) releases.
I will neither manage the social accounts.

Many many thanks to you, @ced, for starting and enduring the continuos work to create the Monthly Tryton News. I really like the newsletter and find it is the most important communication media of the Tryton project.

I would like to volunteer in a team which produces the newsletter. I think the todos for the Tryton Monthly News are:

  1. Copy template layout to a new draft newsletter
  2. Review and collect the pushed changesets and write a small text.
  3. Create screenshots to illustrate.
  4. Search a title photo.
  5. Emphasis/Highlight words, re-phrase text and correct typos for better understanding

Did I miss something? Who else would like to help?
[edit: I added all the suggestions in the todo]


I used

Yes, many thanks to @ced for the additional work involved in creating very informative newsletters over many years.

I’m happy to help with the monthly newsletters and the Tryton Release news.


This is can be easly achieved with the list of merged requests sorted by descendind date

There is a template which already fixes the layout.

Why not looking at the commits? Is it because the commit date is coming from the MR date?

Mainly because the merge request may contain several commits and also because the MR contains labels which can be used for filtering. I guess you will be only interested on the feature flag and not on bug fixes.

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I think it is better to create a communications team, I volunteer to be part of the team


The todos for the release Newsletter are IMHO:

  1. Create a draft Release Newsletter from template
  2. Collect the best topics from the former monthly newsletters and copy them together
  3. Add screenshots/photo

Hi, do you know if there is a way to post a newsletter by a team/group?

I don’t think so. But I like to show the news-team as the author of a news, like the @system user. In the news-team we can include the actual names. So I would propose to create a new user and just collect and maintain the news team names in its description. WDYT?

I do not think it is doable with discourse.
But I would avoid creating fake user for such purpose. You could just sign the post with all the authors logins for example or as @communication.

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