Landed Cost; get from refund client line and apply against production output

With the Landed Cost, have some clients that need get the amount from refund invoice client line and need to apply against output productions.

I think it could be done on the same account_stock_landed_cost, but could be a new module too.


Why? The refurn invoice line will not increase the cost but reduce the final price.

Why? AFAIU if you want to increment the cost of an output production you just need to apply it to the inputs shipment in and this will increase the cost of the productions output product.

In some specific cases, a credit (negative) line is made on a customer invoice and you want to charge it against the costs of some products.

To stay with the previous example: If you have this case and the product is manufactured, you need to increase the cost of this product taken it from production’s output because you have no shipment in for this product.

That does not really make any sense. The cost price of a product does not depend on the price you are selling to customer but on the price your are purchasing.

In your case if you correctly link the credit note with the proper outgoing move, the unit price on the move will be decreased such that the margin report will decrease the margin.

In a “normal” world, I agree with you. But in some cases, it’s necessary to add a discount client cost to the cost of a product (or products), for different internal reasons. So they need to get the refund lines on Landed Cost model to apply this correctly.

If I understand well, that’s not possible, because, for example if the credit note line is a service, so it’s not done on a good product or outgoing movement related, you don’t have this relation.

For me this makes no sense. Cost has nothing to do with customer nor customer price.

No, it is not possible because cost has nothing to do with customer credit note.