Key shortcuts in text

It’s turning out to be quite annoying within in a text field having <ctrl>+<left> or <ctrl>+<right> changing the form tab instead of moving back and forth by words as is customary.

Is it possible to enforce this behaviour?

Shortcut for changing form tab is perhaps better with something else like <ctrl>+<tab> and <ctrl>+<shift>+<tab>

It is not configurable in because they have been declared as application accelerators and not in accelerator map. It is done like that because there is no menu entry for it. It may be interesting to find a way to register it in accelerator map without a menu entry.

But indeed the shortcut change was done in Issue 7218: Shortcuts override native browser - Tryton issue tracker. So <CTRL>+Tab is not usable in browser but may be <ALT> one is usable.

I filled Issue 8070: Use tab in shortcut to switch tabs - Tryton issue tracker