Keep sale lines of type “Comment” in the associated invoice


We often use lines of the type “comment” in sales. When we create an invoice for such a sale, it would be great if these comments were also included in the invoice.

How can this be achieved?


No because there is no guarantee that the order nor the number of sale lines will be conserved on the invoice because:

  • partial invoice
  • grouping invoice
  • partial invoice

thanks for the quick reply! i hadn’t considered these cases …

I have worked in similar question before, and I think it could be improved to handle this with :

  • We have the sequence which we can be used to order using a some format like {sale_id}_{line_sequence} to be sure the order remains.
  • We also have the invoice line origin which can point the sale line, which can be used to detect partials or groupings.

I see two duplicated. Is there any third case I’m not aware of?

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