Issue in selecting file type when import bank statements in OFX format

In Release 5.8.x I would like to Import Bank Statement in OFX-Format.
All the accounting_statement_xxx Modules are activated in the Instance.

Often but not always the Dropdown to select the type of file (aeb, ofx,…) to import only contains one “empty” option for selection.

In Windows client the Dropdown contains the correct set of Filetypes as long as there is not selected a File to import. After selecting the file, I experience the behavior described above.

In sao-Client I always experience the behavior described above.

In general selecting type of file before selecting file to import using the windows client can be used as a workaround. File with Bank Statement will then be imported properly.

Any hints to me, if I am doing something wrong?


Can you reproduce the issue with the demo server?
How did you install Tryton?
Did you restart the server after the module installation?
Did you install all other Python dependencies like ofxparse, lxml >=2.0, < 4.4; python_version == “3.4”
S.a. modules/account_statement_ofx: 4212a5401b8e

Uhh, sorry - looks like I failed massively in installing tryton.

Demo Server is working well. Can choose from two File Formats regardless of whether a file was previously selected.

Server is installed by myself in venv. All Tryton Components installed using pip3. Executed by uwsgi. Separate worker and cron processes.

Server process was restarted after module installation.

I checked the modules dependencies but ignored the version numbers. Thought, setup will check for that.

So actually running python 3.7.3 in venv with lxml 4.6.2 and ofxparse 0.2

Python 3.7.3 seems not to be problematic in this case.

Downgrading lxml from 4.6.2 down to 4.4 solved my issue.

Thanks @udono for your helpful hints.

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