Is Tryton running on ARM64 (aarch64)?

I am planning to deploy the Tryton server on an arm64 (“aarch64”) machine + Gentoo Linux distribution.
I see Gentoo ebuilds having ~amd64 and ~x86 architectures only.
But since Tryton seems to be pure Python, is there a priori any incompatibility from Tryton itself or its dependencies with the ARM[64] arch?

If no, could it be conceivable to add ~arm64 and ~arm to KEYWORDS=“~amd64 ~x86”?

Please note that I haven’t tested installing Tryton on ARM64 yet since I plan on investing in the hardware if the compatibility is very likely!

Looking forward to discuss about it.

As I do not have access to such hardware, I can not test if it is working and thus I can not set the arch.


I can confirm that it works without any issues. I’ve been running it on a Raspberry Pi 4 for last 3 years without any issues.

With kind regards,


Thank you very much for your enlightening feedback.

Then I don’t see any NO-GO on my side to invest on an arm64 hardware and to set the ~arm64 on the Gentoo ebuild scripts.
And then possibly to provide a merge request if the tests are conclusive.

King Regards,

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